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Who is Karen Gesell


A National Figure Skating Coach working at the Ice Den Scottsdale, Arizona

“I am dedicated to coaching my athletes to be the best they can be. My goal is to inspire a passion on the ice and create a deep love for our sport.” Karen Gesell

In my 43 years coaching I learned having good leadership qualities are essential for great coaching. Knowing how to guide, communicate and inspire athletes to reach their full potential. In order to do this I continually stay educated to learn new and better ways to coach my athletes to their full potential.

My philosophy has always been to "know my students". It is important to coach the whole person not just the athlete. They are all individuals and have different strengths, weaknesses and needs. It is a requisite to understand their personalities and what drives them, on and off the ice, and to fully listen when they talk. With this understanding I can know how to challenge my athletes. Determine how high to raise the bar and what motivates to push themselves further than they think possible. With this knowledge we can effectively set defined and attainable goals.

“It is not what the coach knows; it is what his players have learned.”

Passion is crucial. I love what I do, so I bring passion, enthusiasm and a positive attitude to the ice every lesson. In order to perform well, the athlete also needs to have a great passion and a positive attitude. They need to believe in themselves and feel good about what they do. My job is to inspire them to keep reaching for more, and if needed help them build up their self-esteem. Athletes perform better with positive critiques and encouragement.

"A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment."
John Wooden

I believe that great coaches are also great role models and life teachers. Lessons should incorporate more than technique. My athletes learn good sportsmanship, integrity, mastering of hardship and struggles, and rising up from failures to victories. It is our job to effectively coach clear goals with high expectations, and do this with honesty, compassion and enthusiasm.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.
Jerry Rice

What Skating Can Do For you


Learning to skate brings so many rewards!

  • Skating teaches you confidence
  • How to rise up when you have fallen
  • Skating teaches you strength and tenacity, refining motor skills
  • You learn how to set goals and attain them
  • Skill Development
  • Learning to manage stress and preform under pressure
  • Skating improves your coordination and muscle tone
  • All skaters can feel strong, graceful and artistic
  • No matter your level, there is an avenue for you - Singles, Pairs, Dance, Synchro, Theater on Ice
  • Being on the ice is a total feeling of freedom
  • Young or not so young, skating has something to offer to everyone!

Disciplines Coached By Karen






Moves in the Field

Power and Edge


Education and Accreditation

  • 43 years of competitive coaching experience in Wisconsin and Arizona
  • Coach of Youth Olympic and National competitors, Sectional and Regional Champions
  • PSA Level IV ranked coach
  • PSA Master Rated Freestyle Coach,
  • PSA Certified rating in Moves in the Field
  • PSA Registered rating in Choreography & Style and Group
  • USFS Silver Freestyle and Figure medalist,
  • Trained under Olympic, World and National coaches
  • Featured performer in Ice Shows and Exhibitions in the US and Canada
  • Coaching competitive athletes at the Ice Den Scottsdale for 22 years in the disciplines of Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Choreography

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The following photos are of athletes I have coached - past and current. Some were taken by me, others professionally at events.