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This site is a visionary photo journal to let you
enjoy the beautiful the world around you

The galleries will take you to Europe, USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Alaska, and the South Pacific. As we journey further, we will share the world with you.

Karen Gesell

Photo enthusiast

National Figure Skating Coach

My entire life and career path has been on the ice, training, competing and now coaching for the past 42 years. It is my 1st passion to bring my athletes to their greatest potential, wherever that takes them.

In my early 20's my husband and I began traveling - first the two of us, then with our boys from the time they were born. I developed a great desire to "Capture" all of our moments on film, now digital.This love grew to be my 2nd passion and I photograph where ever we are in the world.

In this site I will bring some of those beautiful moments for you all to enjoy.

I am excited to see what future travel and photography lies ahead for us!

National Figure Skating Coach






Graphic Artist